CATI Project Manager/TL

  • Login in CRM via Super Secured Panel
  • Access Dashboard With Graphical Reports
  • Team Management & Shift Rotation
  • Team Shift Management with Geolocation
  • Receive Projects from Sales Team & Execute
  • Create /Manage Existing Campaign/Projects
  • Project Management & Tracking Milestone
  • Configure New Project & Team with Multiple Attributes
    – Start Date , End Date , Project Details ,Geolocation, Industry, etc.
  • Data Allocation for Project (System Generated Automation)
  • Project Performance Report with Call Disposition Time
  • Project Track & Report Submission to Client
  • Project Status Management – On Hold –Pause , Cancel , Re Initiate
  • Report Management with Multiple Filters
    • Research Executive Report
    • Customer Wise Report
    • Project Progress Reports
    • Appointments & Tasks
    • Time Log & Call Log Report
    • Call Disposition Rate & Time Report

Execution Phase Can Be Managed And Controlled By Project Manager Or Admin And The Main Function Of Execution Phase Is To Manage The Project During Execution,


Research Associate (RA)

Research Associate “the actual executor” of project is been facilitated via dynamic dashboard to manage Projects, Calls, Interviews, Surveys, Reports, Stats and much more

  • Login to CRM
  • View Report on Dashboard
  • Access Project
  • Access Contact Data allocated on Project
  • Edit / Refine Data ( Data Tracking Logs will be managed on Every Edit )
  • Connect with Target Customer
  • Connect Via IVR Calling ( Integration with CRM )
  • Connect Via Email / Message – Floated from CRM to Customer’s Email ID
  • Appointment Management ( Calendar Integration )
  • Notes Management – User will be able to create notes during conversation
  • Follow Up Management
  • Status – Status of the Data Management

- Access Interview -Survey Program Link
- Fill / Hold Interview -Survey Program Link
- Submit for Compilation


- Access Dialer
- Access CRM Call Function on contact data
- Process Soft Calls
- Access Call Recording

Communication Management


Performing Survey or Interviews via Multiple Ways

Quality Alayst

  • Login in CRM
  • Access Dashboard
  • Team Management
  • Access Projects Allocated For QA
  • Review / Audit Calls
  • Fill up Feedback For Calls
  • Access QA Team Report
  • Task Management ( Internal )
  • Reports ( Internal )

QA phase can be managed and controlled by Team Leader/Team Member – QA or Admin and the main function of QA phase will be to control the quality of project call.



  • Access Own Project
  • Access Data & Reports Submitted
  • Raise Tickets & Issues
  • Share New/ Additional Requirements