CAWI & CAPI Automation

Optimize Your Customer Experience by Improving Response Rates Across Various Channels

CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interviewing. Over the years of Manual Processing of Web Interviews – Creating Web Interview/Survey Manually , Loading the contact list , Shooting Emails or SMS manually and there after accounting all of these manually till the reports “isn’t it hectic”.

If you invest time in manual process then “how’ll the business will grow”. Best CATI and CAWI Research Software optimize your customer experience by improving response rates across various channels.

MR-BUDDIES brings, revolutionary era by facilitating CAWI as a Part of Integrated CRM. CRM where Sales, Project Management , Vendors, Customers Collaborate to centrally  manage the business.

MR-Buddies “Data Management” & “Survey Creator Module” Modules work in-conjunction with “CAWI Module” to quickly connect/reach with respondents.

CAWI interview is been created by MR-BUDDIES Survey/Interview Modules and Is been linked by program link. Program link is perfectly displayed at respondent “Smartphone, Computer, Tablet”.

CAWI module is integrated with Email & SMS Blast with all the responses recorded with in the CRM with Report Creations and analytics.

Boost up your business with MR-BUDDIES


Receive Project from Sales / Configure New Project

(Category , Language, Audience Type, IR%, Complete Required, Target Sample, CPI, Start date, End Date ,Geolocation, Currency, Coding , PMP Fee , LOI Sample Size, Live Client Quota , Test Click
Quota & Much More )

Setting up Project

PreScreening Questions ,
Geo location Restrictions,
Unique IP ,
Dynamic Thanks URL ,
URL Protection

Device Filters / Supplier Links

Mobile Study, Tablet Study, Desktop Study ,
Setting up supplier links ,
Redirects & Post Back links,
Redirect Links Set up ,
Post Back link Set up ,
Single link & Multilink Set up ,
Single link configuration ,
Multilink Uploads via Excel Sheet

Supplier Quota Allocation

Allocation of Supplier Quota,
Test Click Quota ,
Live Click Quota ,
Post Back Redirections


CAWI Cloud Features

Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness,
drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales montes.


Data Management Module holds the Respondent data


Mix CATI , CAWI , CAPI within same Project/Campaign


Create Surveys/Interviews Quickly with our Survey/Interview Creator Module


Send Email & SMS Blast from CAWI Blast off Tool & Collect Response with in CRM


MCQ + Open End + Match + Fill In + Image + Sound


Set off Multiple Languages In Interviews & Survey as per geolocation of project


Dynamic Reports and Statics for the Survey/Interview With our Report & Analytics


Keep your Master Survey & Interview Question Bank Drafts with in CRM