MR Buddies CAWI Project Management

Interlinked CAWI Process Automation For Market Research Industry

Automated Inject Projects from Sales / Configure New Project with

(Category, Language, Audience Type, IR%, Complete Required, Target Sample, CPI, Start date, End Date, Geolocation, Currency,

Coding , PMP Fee , LOI Sample Size, Live Client Quota , Test Click Quota & Much More)


Geo location Restrictions
Exclude From Project
Dynamic Thanks URL
Pre Screen Set up
Unique IP Intake
Speeder Set up
URL Protection


Mobile Study
Tablet Study
Desktop Study


Complete Status
Terminate Status
Over Quota Status
Quality Term Status
Survey Close Status


Client Post Back Link Setup
Receive Data From Client Side
Automatic Reports Creation
Auto Forward on Supplier ID
Status Wise Report


Multilink Uploads via Excel
Allocation of Supplier Quota
Single link configuration
Hash Identifier Imply
Test Click Quota
Live Click Quota


Project Wise Report
Real Time Reports
Client Reports
Supplier Report
Export Variant
Graphical Variant


Manage Documents , MSA , NDA , Contracts , Quotations & other project specific documents in project repository


Onboard Vendors with Vendor Category & Geo Location of Operation. Forward RFQ to Vendor, Collect Quote & Allocate Project

Bringing Action To Research

World #1 Intelligent Interlinked CAWI Project Management For
Market Research Industry

CAWI Project Management
Receive Project From Sales

Project Manager Dashboard

PM Dashboard will be populated with Projects Classified as Single / Group Projects

Project Configuration

Project Data Configuration

PM will Verify & complete the Project Data to Get Project Ready for Launch

Configure Project Data

PM Configure & Verify Data

Language, Audience Type, IR%, Complete Required, Target Sample, CPI, Geolocation,Currency, Coding , PMP Fee , LOI Sample Size, Live Client Quota , Test Click,Quota & Much More

Pre-Scanning Filters

PM Set up Advance Pre Scanning filters

Geo location Restrictions,Dynamic Thanks URL,Pre Screen Set up,Unique IP Intake,Speeder Set up,URL Protection, Device Filters – Tablet , Mobile , Web

Survey Links & Quota

Conifuration of Survey Links

Multilink,Single link configuration,Hash Identifier Imply,Test Links,Live Links

Supplier Mapping

PM Maps Supplier & Quote

Selection of Multiple Supplier with Quota Allocation in various Geoloaction with Indusries. PM also manages the supplier reports.

Redirects Setup

MR Buddies will auto configure the redirect

Setting up redirets for Complete Status, Terminate Status ,Over Quota Status, Quality Term Status
Survey Close Status

Client PostBack Link

MR Buddies will auto set up PostBack URL

Post Back URL enables to Receive Data From Client Side,Automatic Reports Creation,Auto Forward on Supplier ID,Status Wise Report

Launch Project

PM Launches the Project

Project Launch Broadcast Links to (Supplier / Respondent). The System will auto capture the survey status from post back URL & will graphically publish the report ( Client/Supplier )

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