Effective Way to Manage Supplier in Market Research Industry

Market Research Companies are using various strategies to fulfil their Sample target . The most important for an organization is to maintain the quality data of respondents for which the “MR Fraud Detection” engine is given the extra edge with the inbuilt fraud scanning & termination process.

Supply in Mr Buddies Can Be Maintained in the Following Ways:

Provide access to “Supplier Portal” – MR Buddies enables suppliers to be onboarded in the project management engine & automate the Supplier Bidding Process via Email automation OR via providing supplier access with the MR BUDDIES ERP.

Supplier Quotas can be allocated, increased or decreased at any time, making the Project management process flexible and adjustable according to the performance of the system.

Supplier API – MR Buddies gives an extra edge to the clients to connect suppliers with the Integrated Supplier API’s. Supplier API is white levelled in MR Buddies ERP.

Affiliates – Integrations with Affiliates Reverse Traffic & Social Media Connectivity is cherry on the TOP.