Market Research Automation

Misconceptions Around Market Research Automation

With years of experience every company along with employees are used to perform same way. A system driven mechanism which reduces the manual efforts is termed as automation.  Automation in market research reduces execution time and cost efficiencies however there are misguided judgments encompassing its utilization.



With the market being client centric every company needs to keep thinking innovative ways and evolving in terms of technology innovation.

Market Research Automation is undoubtedly the way of the future, eliminating time wasted on basic tasks to be better spent on developing superior products and services to the market.

However, when one thinks of automation there are some perceptions surrounding their use.

In this article we will help you to understand the reality.


Misconception 1: Will the customization enough to cater my needs?

Some researchers may object to automated tools as they feel there vast processes and steps cannot be automate as they extensively use. Some think they cater to different client segments in CATI(Telephonic interview) and CAWI(online interview), there cannot be a way to integrate into one system. Whereas some thinks of different teams within the company like Sales, Operations, Client Services, Project Management, Finance, Etc. will not be covered under one operating model.

MR BUDDIES has refined the methodologies used to create a range of tools with specialized purposes, improving the accuracy and quality of results and outputs.

Misconception 2: Will the new platform be difficult to use?

Most of the automated research tools are DIY or “self-serve,” so many users feel discouraged from entrusting their research to a machine. Whilst automation removes the human element from many repetitive tasks during the research process, it does not remove the individual role entirely. In fact, it allows teams to redirect their efforts to more meaningful tasks such as idea generation, feedback alignment, and product development. Automation tools may be slightly difficult to adapt to at first but once realised as reliable, ultimately allow for more in-depth tasks.

Misconception 3: Will the control over the project be lost?

While automation will reduce the redundant tasks that individual perform on different projects, it also systematically align different tasks for different teams. MR BUDDIES has designed a way of automation for different teams aligned to different processes which will be rights sensitive. For example client service professionals will not be able to see the pricing associated for a project but this is again editable. Toll will give flexibility to admin for assigning rights.


Misconception 4: Will multiple tools be needed for one project?

Different tools are available to perform tasks associated with different teams. Tasks can vary from data management, bids management, project management, vendor management, analysis, invoicing, etc.

It can also be difficult to link each of these elements together to work smoothly. End- to end platform like MR BUDDIES offer a seamless experience, enabling different teams to perform tasks including client management, data management, Bids management, project management, vendor management, finding respondents, IVR calling, through a unified tool consisting of different modules, which will increase the efficiency and undouble making a company ready for future.


Misconception 5: Will there be High upfront costs?

If potential users do not see the value, the upfront costs associated with research automation tools can be a deterrent. It is important to understand that automation tools save a great deal of time and money by allowing different teams to focus on more valuable tasks and by speeding up the process. The sign-up costs for automated research tools can also prove to be relatively much less than additional costs associated with manual research such as process management, design, collection, and analysis.


Misconception 6: Will there be someone when need help?

With automation some of the manual tasks are made redundant and are dependent of software. While using automation tool there are times when one is confused or something is not done correctly and stuck at some point of time. This can be irritating and scary. However at MR BUDDIES we have anticipated most of the real time scenarios and from day 1 we provide enough training materials along with on site demos for few days to new employees. Apart from this there will be single point of contact always ready to help with those instant urgent scenarios.

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