Market Research Project Lifecycle

A vast majority of people get confounded when we discuss about the project life cycle in primary/ secondary research. In this blog, we’ll let you know the steps involved in this process.



  1. Questionnaire designing
  • Clients(MRAs, consulting, aggregators) mostly provide this and is available during the initial scope
  • On some occasion clients from education sector or media or new entrant needs hand holding for Questionnaire designing
  • Research associates with specific skillset to be hired inhouse


  1. Programming
  • Clients’ adamant of designing tool so need specific skill set programmers
  • Prominent MR tools are decipher, confirmit, Qualtrics and survey monkey etc.
  • Outsourcing to outside reliable vendor partners increases the scope for business as they can design survey on any tool
  • As business scales up, we can hire programmers for inhouse activities


  1. Fielding of survey
  • Third party data can be utilized, it can even be integrated in DIY tool
  • Specific vendors can be chosen based on clients as all clients have different sense of data understanding and requirements
  • Vendor management is key aspect from revenue point
  • For offline survey need to have preferred vendor considering geography and type of target audience


  1. Data Sharing
  • Data can be shared in excel, SPSS, ASCII format
  • In case of Survey programming outsourced, it’s advisable to outsource the data processing activities as well


  1. Data presentation

The Research outcomes can be presented in various meaningful, understandable and  structured formats and further can be exported in the following formats.

  • Dashboard,
  • PowerPoints
  • Strong visuals with various options
  • Excel Reports
  • Story writing and Key Insights

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