Online Market Research Tools

MR BUDDIES is 1st Integrated Comprehensive Integrated Solution for all Market Research Requirement. MR Industry before to MR Buddies was lacking in Integrated solution. MR Companies are Forced to Use Multiple “online market research tools”, many of them uses “free online market research tools” which calibrate inaccurate data collection & create huge business loss .

Not having a Centrally Systematic End to end process automation right from Sales to Project Management & Deliver also creates bottleneck in the entire process. MR Buddies bunches all the “online market research tools” in single ERP right from Sales – PM – Supplier Connect – Clients & provide huge competitive advantage.

MR Buddies Facilitates all data collection methodology connects end to end CATI, CAWI, CAPI, Project Management, Vendor Management & Redirection, Data Management, Panel Management & Integrated with IVR Telephony.

Why MR Buddies

This was regarding the MR BUDDIES & Automate the entire Project Management for Market research organization. Our Cloud ERP is a Integrated Software that allows: –

  1. Sales Team
  2. Project Management Team
  3. RA
  4. Suppliers
  5. Clients

Well connected & Outlook the Extensive Reporting system Supplier, Client & Project Wise for various data collection methodology.

Equipping MR Organizations with Tech

  • CAWI Online – Project (Sample) Management, Single /Multi Link, Supplier Quota Allocation with Unlimited Redirects (Static /Dynamic), Pre-Screen, Fraud Management & Termination for Quality Data, Harvesting Reports & much more
  • CATI – Sales – PM -RA – QA-DQ-VQ (Connected with Soft-calls & Recording mapping to drive out the reports)
  • Supplier Management – Supplier Creation, Enroll in Bidding Process, Quota allocation, Reporting.
  • IDI & CAPI – Through Mobile Application

MR Buddies – Smartest & Most Intuitive Online Market Research Tool it’s a “Cloud ERP Platform” for Market Research Organizations. This Year automated Everything Seamless with MR Buddies.  MR Buddies centrally combines all “Market Research Tools” to Bring out a Centrally connected “Market Research Software”.

Our Market Research Tool Modules –

  • Marketing Sales
  • Online Sample Management (CAWI) Supplier Management
  • CATI Integrated CAPI
  • Mystery Shopping IDI


Are you in CAWI Research? Expanding Team? Performing Excel-Based Work? Not able to manage suppliers, their supplier redirects automatically – Not able to restrict IP, Geo locations, Pre Screen, Thanks URL ?.

Even manually creating client reports is not integrated with Client Post backlinks. Get onboarded to the world of CAWI automation right from “Demand to Supply” & “Sales to Delivery with Specialize Project Management”


Integrated with Panel Management Mobile Application to Classify & Distribute the Study in Panel with Reward Program.


MR Buddies Specialize in Automating End to End (CATI- Sales, PM, RA, QA, DQ) Records the Soft Calls & Create Reports Systematic Data Feasibility Matrix & Allocation on project.


Mobile & Tablet Application to support the operation with Video Recording & Audio Capturing capability along with Survey.


–              MR Buddies is Open to Integrate with Demand & Supply API

–              Telephony for CATI with Recording

–              Email , SMS , Whats App

–              Data Protection & Fraud Detection

This year Implement MR BUDDIES & Iron your Gaps & Leakage with the Road to Increase ROI.